b'FALL 2021In addition to radiation, medical oncology and surgery, we o er programs and services that address the physical andMegan Ryder, RD, CSO, LDemotional needs of our patients and their families. The HOPE Resource Center, located on the fi Dietitian rst fl oor of the Payson Center for Cancer Care, provides services toA registered dietitian, specially trained in assist you with all aspects of youroncology nutrition, is available to help you cancer experience. manage side eff ects and make healthy food choices before, during and after treatment.This service is available to all patients at no cost. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please call (603) 230-6032.Nancy Druke, LICSWJudith Kowalik, LICSW Social WorkJacquelyn Coe, MSWAn oncology social worker can help you and your family as you move through the cancer experience by providing emotional support, helping with fi nancial challenges, and assisting with Sara Diamond, MSW, Intern transportation to treatment if needed. If you have questions, concerns, needs or want to speak to someone to help sort things out, please call (603)230-6031.'