b'FALL 2021Are you having side e ects of cancer treatment such as weakness, fatigue, lymphedema or changes in balance, coordination and endurance?Concord Hospital Rehabilitation Services can help.Do you need a referral or more information about our rehabilitation services?Prior to your fi rst appointment, you may need a referral from your primary care provider, surgeon, medical or radiation oncologist.Concord Hospital Rehabilitation Services can help determine if you need a referral and also answer any questions you have. Interested in a Rehabilitation visit?Call (603) 230-5600Leaf DeepHOLD Breathe Out HOLDBreathingBreathe In ut Breathe OBreathe InExercise *Start this exerciseBreathe Inat the asterisk *and follow the leafs edge in and out HOLDas you follow the breathing instruction.Breathe OutYou may repeat as needed.'