b'14 2021 I N N O V A T I V E T E C H N O L O G Y A N D P R O C E D U R E S | E X P E R T C A R E | W E A R E H E R E TRANSCATHETER AORTIC VALVE REPLACEMENT (TAVR) PATIENTKen RoketenetzKen Roketenetz of LoudonDuring a routine colonoscopy,for him to thread the new aortic inherited a love for trucks andDr. Burr Loew of GI Associates- valve into Kens heart in the the transportation industry andConcord GastroenterologyTAVR procedure. relied on regular maintenance tosuccessfully removed severalIt all went extremely well, Ken keep his vehicles healthy. He alsocancerous polyps. But, Ken neededsaid. I spent two nights in the inherited vascular and coronarymore extensive colon surgery toHospital, then I was home and issues and has relied on regularattack the cancer.back in operation.medical maintenance to keepTo be certain Ken could tolerate himself healthy.the cancer surgery, Dr. PatrickKen is the kind of guy who doesnt Ive always had issues with highMagnus of Concord Hospitaleven like sitting in the passenger blood pressure, Ken said. As ICardiology performed a balloonseat on a drive. Hed rather be got older, vascular issues startedaortic valvuloplasty to widen Kensbehind the wheel, than trust to show up and I became veryaortic valveimproving hissomeone else. But he said he trusts proactive in maintaining mycirculation and overall health. InConcord Hospital with his life standard of health. the minimally invasive procedure,because his healthcare team has Dr. Magnus threaded a tiny balloonearned his confidence.As part of a schedule of regularto Kens heart through an arteryAll of the doctors that I have are primary care and cardiologyin the groin, inflated the balloonamazing. They know what they checkups, cardiologist Dr. Jeffreyto push open the valves flapsare doing, said Ken. And they Lockhart of Concord Hospital(or leaflets), then deflated andspend time with you. You dont feel Cardiology encouraged Ken towithdrew the balloon. | See storyrushed. You can ask any question have an exploratory test in 2017 at Concord Hospital to ensure he wason page 13 | that you want.healthy enough to tolerate surgeryI immediately felt better, saidKen is grateful that Dr. Lockhart to repair a carotid artery.Ken, who had been fatigued andand Dr. Terrance Hanlon, his long-The test detected a significantexperiencing shortness of breath. time primary care physician in the artery blockage.With Kens improved condition,Seacoast, have encouraged his Drs. Russell Strong and Anneregular checkups. He is committed By being proactive, thatGranfield of Concord Surgicalto doing his part, including twice-prevented a heart attack, Ken said. Associates performed successfula-week cardiac rehabilitation In 2020, Ken, who is 75, underwentcolon surgery. Ken now issessions that helped him regain his several cardiovascular procedurescancer free. strength and endurance. and colon surgery. His colonSeveral months later, Dr. MagnusGood maintenance programs diagnosis, combined with aperformed several other minimallykept my trucks, hotrods and narrowing of his aortic heart valve,invasive procedures to widenmotorcycles running, and I feel required coordination betweennarrowing blood vessels andif I have a good maintenance several specialists at differentreplace the faulty aortic valve.program, I can keep running, Concord Hospital MedicalHe inserted two stents to widenhe said.Group practices.partially blocked blood vessels The communication at Concordand hold them open from the Hospital is fantastic betweeninside. Then, he performed a TAVR/all the different doctors to worklithotripsy, focusing soundwaves together, he said. that broke up deposits in the arteries in Kens pelvis leading to his heart and widened them enough'