b'6 2021 I N N O V A T I V E T E C H N O L O G Y A N D P R O C E D U R E S | E X P E R T C A R E | W E A R E H E R EWhen minutes matter, the care team at Concord Hospital Cardiovascular Institute saves lives and restores lifestyles. Experienced specialists trained in the most advanced procedures and aided by the latest technology provide prevention, diagnosis, intervention, surgery or rehabilitation for coronary diseases and emergencies.MitraClip Concord Hospital now provides a new, minimally invasive treatment for a potentially serious heart valve condition, off ering hope for patients considered too frail for traditional open-heart surgery.In the procedure, called transcatheter mitral valve repair, cardiac specialists thread a tiny clip into the heart to repair a P PATIE N T malfunctioning mitral valve and restore more normal blood L I S flCow through the heart to the rest of the body.24 S The mitral valve is one of four valves designed to keep A I NR CT EI M U A0 2 0 T S U G blood fl owing forward through the heart. When it does not 2 close properly, blood fl ows backward, causing a condition called mitral valve regurgitation. The condition can cause heart failurewhen the heart does not pump enough blood to the bodys organs. It also forces the heart to work harder, leaving patients short of breath or easily fatigued and potentially causing an enlarged heart.In mid-2020, Concord Hospital Cardiovascular Institute 2021 Abbott. All Rights Reserved. began off ering the new treatment, attaching a device called the MitraClip to the malfunctioning valve to reduce the amount of blood leaking backward.'