b'I N N O V A T I V E T E C H N O L O G Y A N D P R O C E D U R E S | E X P E R T C A R E | W E A R E H E R E 27Virginia Blackmeris doing what she loves againwalking and riding her pinto, Atticus.fi went well. She felt back to normalDr. Francalancia said Virginiasve-to-six-hour surgery. While recuperating in the Hospital, sheat six weeks, except for somesuccessful surgery and excellent was reassured that her nursesrestrictions on heavy lifting andrecovery was a result of a were knowledgeable aboutmovement. By eight weeks, sheconcerted team eff ort including her procedure and prepared towas back to nearly all of herdoctors, nurses, therapists, aides, address her concerns. activities, including walking heranesthesiologists, physician I would make some commenthorses and taking care of them.assistants and others.and they said I remember seeingBy summertime, she was riding. Thats what makes Concord that when I watched a surgery.As a nurse, Virginia has beenHospital unique in the treatment I understand as a nurse howcareful to be a good patient. of complex cardiac disease, important it is for someonesIve been on the other sidehe said.recovery when youve seen andgiving the advice, so I know how understand what they have beenfrustrating it is when patients dont through, Virginia said. follow the advice, she said. If my With cardiac rehabilitationdoctors tell me dont sweep, dont building her stamina andlift, dont do this for four weeks, confi dence, Virginias recoverythats what I am going to do.'