b'I N N O V A T I V E T E C H N O L O G Y A N D P R O C E D U R E S | E X P E R T C A R E | W E A R E H E R E 21PACEMAKER PATIENTLinwood MixerTo Linwood Lin Mixer, ValentinesLast year, I had no interest inLins mother was a Concord Day is about more than chocolatedriving a snowmobile, he said. If IHospital volunteer, his sister was hearts. Its about his heart. exerted in any way, shape or form,a nurse there and he got to know I tell people I had a broken heartI had to take a break. I like to helpthe medical staffwhile working at and I had to go in and get it fi xed,build snowmobile bridges andthe Hospital during a work-study he said. trails, shovel snow, you name it,program in high school. His trust but that was not happening withand confi dence in the healthcare It was Valentines Day 2020, andthe way I was feeling. providers and staffonly grew over despite various treatments overThis year, he was back on the trailsthe years with each medical visit. the years that helped temporarily,and considering getting back toThey hired the right people, he Lin was experiencing atrialscuba diving. said. They have the best attitudes. fi brillation, aFib, an abnormalThey have a smile on their face and heartbeat that left him lethargicIm feeling amazing, said Lin, 70. they are friendly and warm. They and increased his risk of havingI get tired because I do a little toomake you feel welcome.a stroke. much sometimes, but I feel 100 2021 Medtronic. All Rights Reserved. Dr. Adam Chodosh of Concordpercent better than prior to theLin, who is retired from careers in Hospital Cardiology, a departmentMicra and Watchman. And Im off law enforcement and auto parts of Concord Hospital Cardiovascularthe blood thinners and down tosales, has not been bashful about Institute, implanted a tinyone baby aspirin a day. telling friends and customers Watchman device in Lins heartLin is no stranger to cardiacabout his experiences. As a result, to help prevent clots from forming.procedures. Since 2000, he hasDr. Chodosh implanted Micra pacemaker devices for at least Two months earlier, he hadhad two heart attacks, a fi ve-waytwo of them.implanted a Micra Transcatheterbypass procedure, multiple aFib Pacing System (pacemaker) in Linstreatments and other cardiac care. He also is not bashful about going heart to help stimulate a moreAfter his fi rst heart attack, theright to the top.normal heartbeat. northern Vermont emergencyWhile Lin was recovering from The procedures helped Linroom doctors wanted to transferbypass surgery in 2014, the get back to a more normal life,him to other hospitals close by, butHospitals then new CEO, Robert including riding his snowmobileLin chose Concord Hospital, severalSteigmeyer, visited the Intensive on trails near where he now lives inhours away.Care Unit as he reviewed Hospital northern Vermont. I wanted to go to Concorddepartments and staffing. Lin Hospital and I have never regrettedinvited him to his bedside to that, ever, he said. compliment the staff , say thanks for the care he had received.'