b'30 2021 I N N O V A T I V E T E C H N O L O G Y A N D P R O C E D U R E S | E X P E R T C A R E | W E A R E H E R EIntegrated Vascular Clinic at Concord Hospital Cardiovascular InstituteWith its new Integrated Vascularcardiologist who is part of the Clinic, Concord Hospital isIntegrated Vascular Clinic team. a leader in New HampshireIt doesnt just aff ect your arteries in diagnosing and treatingin one place. It aff ects yourcardiovascular diseases. whole body.Patients suff ering fromThats why the Clinics collaborative cardiovascular diseases often faceapproach is important and more numerous medical conditionsconvenient for patients and the that require care from multiplephysicians who refer them for care.medical specialists. In response,The Integrated Vascular Clinic the Hospital created the Clinic incombines the expertise of vascular 2020, as part of its Cardiovascularsurgery, interventional radiology Institute, to bring specialistsand interventional cardiology to together under one roof to workaddress peripheral arterial andIm not aware of other medical collaboratively to care for patients. venous disorders, aneurysms,systems in the state who are doing vascular disease,this, Dr. Ferguson said. Whatever varicose veins, poortheir cardiovascular needs are, circulation and otherpatients have access to experts related conditions.from all of the pertinent fi elds and The specialists workcan have all their cardiovascular together in the newissues addressed in one setting. Concord HospitalPatients can see a variety of Reshma Patel Du y, MD Memorial Medicalspecialists if they need to and Michael Ferguson, MD, FACCOffice Buildingwe have immediate access to If you have blockages in yourWest to provide an advanced,pertinent testing and therapeutics heart (atherosclerosis), youllinnovative, multidisciplinaryavailable on the spot.probably also have blockages inapproach, reducing the number other arteries, said Dr. Michaelof referrals and appointments forCurrently, the Clinics specialists Fergusonof Concord Hospitalpatients and eliminating the needsee nine or ten patients in a Cardiology, an interventionalto visit diff erent medical offices. collaborative clinic once a month. They are prepared to expand the clinic as needed.'