b'I N N O V A T I V E T E C H N O L O G Y A N D P R O C E D U R E S | E X P E R T C A R E | W E A R E H E R E 31Dr. Ari Salis of Interventional Radiology and X-Ray Professional Associationpart of comprehensive, integrated approach to care.Interventional radiologists useA typical Integrated Vascular ClinicInitial members of the Integrated imaging such as X-rays, MRI andpatient with multiple, overlappingVascular Clinic team include Dr. ultrasound to help diagnoseconditions benefi ts from theFerguson, Dr. Reshma Patel Duff yand perform minimally invasivecombined experience of specialistsof Concord Hospital Vascular procedures to address a variety ofwhose areas of expertiseSurgery and Dr. Ari Salisof conditions throughout the body.also overlap. Interventional Radiology and Also guided by medical imaging,There is considerable overlapX-Ray Professional Association. interventional cardiologists usein the patients we see andOther interventional cardiologists, minimally invasive techniquesprocedures we perform, and thatsvascular surgeons and to treat diseases of the heartwhy we are collaborating in hisinterventional radiologists will be and its blood vessels, but alsofashion, Dr. Ferguson said. Inadded as the program grows.treat vascular diseases. Vascularmany respects, we provide similar surgeons focus on invasivetypes of therapies, so having procedures, but also performall three services immediately minimally invasive procedures toavailable to provide whatever treat conditions in the veins andtreatment is needed enhances our arteries outside the heart and brain.capabilities and provides more comprehensive, integrated care.'