b'24 2021 I N N O V A T I V E T E C H N O L O G Y A N D P R O C E D U R E S | E X P E R T C A R E | W E A R E H E R EThe Team Approach Dr. Russo envisions being part of an active, thoughtful, productive cardiac surgical program that supports Concord Hospitals cardiologists and helps expand the program to ensure that as many patients as possible can receive appropriate, safe cardiac care in the community.Nicola Francalancia, MD Louis Russo, MD In addition to his technical skills and experience, Dr. Francalancia Drs. Nicola Francalancia and LouisConcord Hospital Cardiovascularenjoys practicing an important Russo bring decades of experienceInstitute includes experiencedlesson he taught medical students as cardiothoracic surgeons andand well-trained providers that they should like two medical professors to Concordand the latest technology andthings: the physiology and science Hospital Cardiothoracic Surgery,procedures to provide essentiallybehind the medical fi eld and the a practice of Concord Hospitalall care except major transplants,people they are caring for.Cardiovascular Institute, whereincluding some typically off ered atCardiac disease is a very serious they support each other to providemuch larger medical centers. thing that patients are scared quality care and expand theDr. Russo said its impressive thatabout, he said. I enjoy walking Hospitals cardiac services. the Hospital performs complexthem through it, getting There is enthusiasm here, Dr.cardiac procedures such asthem through the process, Francalancia said. People want toimplanting Watchman devicesencouraging them.see their cardiac services succeed.in the heart to help control atrialDr. Russo said joining Dr.brillation and reduce stroke riskFrancalancia was an important Local residents want to come herefifor all of their cardiac care. They alland replacing aortic heart step in helping the cardiothoracic want to be proud of this Hospital. valves in minimally invasiveprogram provide current services Thats the kind of environment TAVR procedures. and expand.I thrive in. Concord Hospitals cardiologic expertise is really quite high-end, said Dr. Russo. Ive worked at programs that are larger than this and we didnt do Watchman or TAVR.'