b'Non Profi t Org.U.S. Postage PAID250 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH03301 Permit No. 256(603) 225-2711 Manchester, NHconcordhospital.orgTo support the facility and technology needs of Concord Hospital Cardiovascular Institute, Concord Hospital Trust has developed a special fundraising project to raise $1.5 million to $2 million.As part of the project, proceeds from the Trusts 2021 Challenge Scramble Golf Tournament and Crafts, Drafts & Barrels fundraiser supported the Institute. The Trust also has scheduled a Benefi t Gala dinner-dance to support the Institute. TO LEARN MOREcontact Concord Hospital Trust at ch-trust.org or call (603) 227-7162. Benefi t Gala 2021Friday, September 17th \x1f\x1e\x1d\x1e\x1c\x1b\x1a from 611 pmThe Barn at Bull Meadow, ConcordPhoto courtesy ofLaBrie Media PHOTOGRAPHY/IMAGES: davewhitephoto.com; Concord Hospital Public A\x1f airs;Getty Images, Inc. All Rights Reserved.; Page 6 and 7 MITRA illustrations provided by and courtesy of2021 Abbott. All Rights Reserved.; Page 20 MICRA illustration courtesy of Medtronic. All Rights Reserved.; Page 21 photo courtesy of Linwood Mixer.Advances is published as a service for our community members and friends.2021Concord Hospital, 250 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH03301Phone: (603) 225-2711 TTY/TDD (603) 228-7135 Assistive hearing or visual devices and language interpreters are provided free of charge to patients and their companions upon request.For address changes or to be removed from mailing list please e-mail your request to publica\x1f airs@crhc.org. I\x1f\x1e\x1d\x1c\x1f\x1d\x1e A\x1b\x1b\x1c\x1d\x1a\x1a: concordhospital.orgE\x1b\x19\x1e\x18\x1c: Jennifer DearbornC\x1c\x1d\x17\x1e\x19\x16\x1d: Doreen St. Laurent PollakW\x1c\x19\x1e\x1d\x1c: David Tirrell-Wysocki'