b'16 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTMEMBER CHRIS BROWNNe Hampshire DistriutorsFamilTRADITIONSAs a child, Chris Brown witnessedFor decades, New HampshireMost recently, New Hampshire the generosity of his grandparents,Distributors has made giving backDistributors has become a member Jim and Claire Hayes, as they built aa priority, whether through cashof the Concord Hospital Trusts business in Concord and, in the process,contributions or gifts-in-kind. TheBenefactors Circle, a distinction established a family tradition of givingcompany has donated to severalreserved for businesses who make back to their home community. Concord Hospital expansion projects,gifts of $10,000 or more for three [Philanthropy] isincluding the Payson Center for Cancerconsecutive years. Brown made the in our DNA, saysCare, and has becomedecision to increase the companys Brown, who nowa mainstay at Concordcommitment to the Trust, in part, to serves as presidentHospital Trust events thatsupport the expansion of Concord and COO of thebenefi t Hospital services,Hospital into the Lakes and Three family business,including Pedaling forRivers Regions.New HampshirePayson and the annualWe understood Concord Hospitals Distributors.Rock N Race, which raiseposition and how they took advantage From either mymoney for patients withof the opportunity to expand into grandfather, Jimcancer and their families.those towns, Brown says. Those are Hayes, or my father,At fi rst, Brown says, hecommunities we also serve, and we Tom Brown(SHOWNwas asked to donate non- want to support their medical care. The RIGHT INSET) , it wasalcoholic beverages to thetrue mission of this is to contribute to a always important for us to be part of5k event so runners couldstable healthcare entity in community-minded entities, to makeaccess free waters and sports drinksthe community.our community stronger. throughout the course that winds around Concord. Brown eventually off ered to take over the distribution of those beverages with help from New Hampshire Distributors staffso race volunteers could focus on other priorities.'