b'4 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTGoing TRADITIONSRuthieAn affinity for gardening runs deepRemembering her dad, 11-year-oldBefore her retirement in 2016, in the Jobin family. Concord residentsRuthie shares that he was kind andBarbara Jobin was a speech-language Barbara and Roger have cultivated thefunny and loved to be outside, whichpathologist in the Concord School love of growing fl owers and vegetablesmakes the tribute even more special.District for more than 30 years and in their backyard oasis near downtown.Not long before his death, Trent helpedvolunteered in philanthropy at Concord The couple passed on their knowledgehis father design and build the beautifulHospital for another six years. She to children Trent and Ellese, and theoutdoor living area behind thecurrently serves on the Hospital Trusts siblings even started their own fl owerfamily home. Philanthropy Committee. With Trents delivery business, Le Petit Bouquet, asHe loved seeing the tulips come up inhelp, Barbara raised money for several kids. Now the green thumb has madethe spring, Barbara says of Trent. Andprograms at the Hospital through fl oral its way to the Jobins granddaughterhe loved seeing the diff erent annualsdesign projects. During the pandemic, and Trents daughter, Ruthie. Herpop up every year. Ruthie and her grandparents created interest in growing plants inspiredbouquets from their garden and gave the girl to save money earned fromHe would always love to eat the pearsthem to Concord Police officers passing babysitting and gardening to donate tostraight offthe tree, Ruthie adds. by the familys home on their way to a special project at Concord Hospital,While Trents loss has been difficult forthe station.which would remember her dad. Trentthe family to bear, knowing that hisWhen speaking about her son, Barbara Jobin, 35, died at the Hospital in Marchname will be forever associated withremembers Trent as a great dad and after a brief illness. a place of peace is important to them.someone who was witty and smart. A Led by Ruthies donation, the JobinRuthie is a sixth-grader who loves to2005 graduate of Concord High School, family helped endow a bench in Trentsread, draw, travel, and help her familyTrent grew up playing baseball for name at the Concord Hospital Truststend to the garden, where they grow anthe local Little League and spending new Rooftop Healing Garden, whereassortment of plants and vegetables.summers at Camp Belknap. visitors, including Hospital staff , will beShe is pleased that she was able to able to take a seat, refl ect, and enjoycontribute her own savings toward aThe family has been overwhelmed the quiet space. memorial for her father as a reminderby the thoughtfulness of friends and of who he was. strangers who have donated, like It makes me feel proud, Ruthie says,Ruthie, to the Rooftop Healing Garden because knowing that he has a benchin Trents memory. Just as her own in his name makes me know that he wasgarden provides a space for peace and someone who deserved it and was arefl ection for her family, Barbara hopes kind person. the Healing Garden will off er the same respite to others.'