b'2022 27of fi fth graders helped to sort andWith the 2022 event behind them, distribute the T-shirts for the 2022planning for the 21st Annual RockN event. At TCS, the NJHS students wentRacescheduled for 6 p.m. on from classroom to classroom, collectingThursday, May 18, 2023will get donations for their fundraising sheetsunderway early next year. At CMS, and encouraging classmates to lace upPelletier and Fox will continue to their sneakers, whether for the 5K run,promote the run/walk through social 5K walk, or 1-mile walk off ered at themedia and email alerts sent home to RockN Race. families. Harrington and her charges, My personal experience was justincluding Dekutoski, Camryn Custance, phenomenal, Harrington says,and Leanna Marsh, will initiate the sharing that her students will raisesignup process soon after February money for the 2023 RockN Racevacation. Their individual fundraising in honor of Cheryl. Everybody wastypically begins at school and extends very supportive, they made her feelto asking for donations from family comfortable, and made sure my momand friends.received the best treatment she could.They will go into classrooms and Resources from the HOPE Centertalk a little bit about what the Payson provide support beyond treatment.Center is and what the RockN Race is, Each year, money raised by the RockNwhy we do it, and why its important, Race goes toward funding nutritionalHarrington says. Just being a part of counseling, spiritual care, nurseit together means a lot to the students navigation, complementary therapies,and to me. Im so proud of them.and fi nancial guidance, among other services, for patients negotiating uncertain times. Its an intentional eff ort to help make the lives of our friends and neighbors living with cancer a little bit easier, the HOPE Center pledges.Its really meaningful to know that you can help people with some of the costs in their lives that maybe arent covered by their insurance, Fox says, things that help them continue to function in their lives as best they can.'