b'22 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTJared GuilmettBuildingTRADITIONSEven as a child, Jared Guilmettplanning local events, raising funds,I felt this was a very different appreciated the history andguaranteeing that gifts are used asopportunity for me in terms of architecture of his hometown ofdonors envisioned, and creatingcommunity involvement, Guilmett Laconia, New Hampshire. His familyawareness of Trust goals in the Lakesrecalls. Id never been involved with wove itself into the fabric of theand Three Rivers Regions. the healthcare industry, and to see community, where his parents wereOur efforts this year have been inwhat kind of impact that can have on avid volunteers for local organizations.ensuring monies associated with Lakesour community members has been Guilmett recalls tagging along toRegion General Hospital (LRGH) areeye-opening. It means a lot to know various events and absorbing theirmanaged and taken care of the waythat the Trust is there to help someone message of giving back. they were intended, says Guilmett, andfrom my community with critical needs, When he left home for Wentworththat various programs that had beenwhether its medication, equipment, Institute of Technology in Boston part of the Lakes Region community tieor a hospital stay. Its humbling to be where he earned his B.S. in architecturein with, and get new energy from, theinvolved in that.in 2015 and his masters in 2016 integration with Concord Hospital. Guilmett has been impressed by the Guilmett knew he eventually wanted toPrior to joining the Trusts Regionalway in which Concord Hospital has bring his skills back to his community.Council, Guilmett was a member of theembraced its medical arm in the Lakes Today, Guilmett, a 2011 graduate ofBoard of Directors of Laconias BelknapRegion. At a time of major transition Laconia High School, lives in Laconia,Mill Society. He also served as presidentfor one of the largest employers in where he is an architect at Misiaszekof the Board of Directors of Celebratethe area, he has appreciated watching Turpin. Among his most treasuredLaconia (which promotes economicthe Laconia location prosper through assignments has been his work onand cultural development in the city)its new partnership. He has been the restoration of the Colonial Theatreand has been involved since he washeartened to see that Concord Hospital in Laconia, a project that helped hima child in the Greater Lakes Regiondid not simply acquire LRGH, but has see how real-world architectureChildrens Auction, an annual eventvalued its staff and created both a and community engagement workthat raises funds for nonprofits focusedstable work environment and a stable together. He also helped revitalize theon the needs of local families. Thatshealthcare system in his community. Belknap Mill, where his parents servedwhere Guilmett first worked with MarciBefore I got involved with the Regional as longtime volunteers.DeCarli, now the Community AffairsCouncil, I hadnt really connected the As an adult, Guilmett has prioritizedDirector at Concord HospitalLaconiadots of health care and philanthropy, volunteerism. The 29-year-old recentlyand Concord HospitalFranklin. Ithe says. Its so uplifting to know we joined the Regional Council, a standingwas DeCarli who first mentioned tohave people in the profession who committee of the Concord HospitalGuilmett that the Hospital was formingcare so deeplyand that the Trust is Trust Board of Trustees charged witha Regional Council to ensure thatlooking after that.local voices were represented in the stewardship of financial resources.'