b'6 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTInnoatieTRADITIONSAngelia WhiteyLike most of the world, AngelicaInspired by a challenge to its studentFIRST Robotics started a one million Whitney wasnt sure what to do withteams by the Manchester-basedPPE challenge to encourage teams to her time when COVID-19 struck. AnFIRST Robotics organization, Whitneyget involved, explains Whitney, who Epsom resident, Whitney was in hertransitioned to fabricating 3D items ongraduated from Bishop Brady in 2022 sophomore year at Bishop Brady Higha home printer, using online templatesand is now studying animal science in School in Concord in March 2020. Withas a guide to create face shields forthe honors program at the University a series of planned events cancelledhealthcare workers and support staff .of Connecticut. due to the pandemic, including a tripThats when I felt I had the ability to to the robotics world championships,make a diff erence. I had the skills I Whitney decided to act. needed, so I fi gured I could continue Initially, she set out to sew facemy service, keep myself busy, and coverings to distribute to thehelp the community during community. But the pace ofthe pandemic.making cloth masks with a sewingThough she was an avid volunteer Photo courtesy of Angelica Whitneymachine, combined with her relativefor the SPCA and other organizations inexperience, soon prompted Whitneyprior to 2020, what Whitney has to think of an alternate way toaccomplished over the last two years make PPE.is remarkable. Concord Hospital has Her process included printing thebeen among the greatest benefi ciaries headband frames, fi tting each oneof the teenagers work. Beginning in with a transparency shield(SHOWNmid-2020, Whitney donated more than ABOVE) , and hand-assembling the3,000 pieces of PPE to the Hospitals other components. Whitneys eff ortsstaffat a critical time of worldwide have made a great impact on Concordshortages. Overall, she gave more Hospital and other regional facilities. than 9,000 pieces of protective gear to 30 diff erent facilities in and around Concord, including medical offices, skilled nursing facilities, schools, veterinary clinics, and police and fi re departments. In addition to the shields, Whitney fashioned nose clips, ear savers (to relieves stress on mask wearers ears), and touchless door-opening devicesall on her printer.Donating 9,000 pieces of Protective Gear'