b'20 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTTRUSTEE PROFILED\x1e. K\x1a\x19\x19\x1a\x18\x17 D\x1a\x16\x15\x14\x13H\x1aa\x10\x18\x0f\x1a\x16\x0eTRADITIONSIn more than three decades as aWhile Dr. Deloge retired from clinicalIncorporating those devices was one cardiologist at Concord Hospital,practice in 2014, he continues hisof many advances supported by the Dr. Kenneth Deloge\x1fSHOWN BELOW\x1ea\x1dliation with the Hospital as aTrust during Deloges tenure. When both initiated and witnessed themember of the Trust Board, a rolehe arrived in 1983, Concord Hospital development of innovativein which he feels honored to serve.did not have a catheterization lab, so new programs.Deloge refers to a time years ago whenany patient who required the insertion the Trust provided the \x1cnancial backingof a catheter into the heart had to be for Concord Hospital to purchasetransferred to another medical facility LUCAS devices for most of the regionsthat o\x1bered the procedure. Deloge ambulances. The portable units arewas there in the late-1990s when easy-to-operate mechanical chestthe Hospital started its open-heart compression devices, which help withprogram, along with a cardiology cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Theygroup that was able to manage cases transformed the level of emergencyof acute intervention. care available in Concord andThe doctor himself played an active surrounding communities. role in the establishment of Concord The LUCAS devices o\x1bered us muchHospitals electrophysiology program, more e\x1bective CPR for patients whowhich, by the end of his career, had him were in cardiac arrest, Deloge explains.implanting more than 100 pacemakers It was very important to have them. every year. He also helped to institute a Aimed at improving the optionshypothermia program to treat patients available to area residents whowho had su\x1bered cardiac brain injury. sought care in Merrimack County,As had been the case with the LUCAS most of those programsanddevices, Deloge says, we were able to the accompanying equipment andget the [induced hypothermia devices] resources to make them successful LUCAS device with the help of the Trust.were supported through ConcordMy philosophy has always been that Hospital Trust fundraising. you cant hold technology within only the major academic medical centers, Deloge says. You really have to bring technology to the patients. The Hospital has kept up with delivering a quality product in our community.'