b'2022 5Its a nice tribute to Trent, BarbaraWhile Ruthie is not sure just yet whatI want to help so other people can be says, noting that her granddaughtershe might want to do when she growsinspired to do things that they might got her kind heart from her dad.up, she knows she wants to pursue anot think theyd be able to, Ruthie says. His life was short, but he loved helpinglife of helping others and make sureAnd tell them to just keep trying.people. I think he would be pleasedtheir lives are happy, too.knowing there was a bench there for people to sit and refl ect and enjoy nature.Ruthie Jobins(SHOWN ABOVE CENTER)donation went to help endow a bench inher father Trents name. She is surrounded by her grandparents Barbara and Roger, at the new Rooftop Healing Garden at Concord Hospital.'