b'2022With support from her parents,WhitBishop Brady Principal Andrea Elliot,neyd 40 0eli eand others, Whitney did extensivev red 5, indifundraising to support her project. Thev i dplastic fi laments required for the 3Dua lprinting were expensive (as was a newly p aprinter after her fi rst one broke down),ckagedso she turned to grant writing. Insnacks.March 2021, Whitney was one of three students chosen in a national contest to receive the Future of Good award from U.S. Cellular, a prize that donated $10,000 to her cause. She also was the recipient of $2,500 from Prudentials Emerging Visionaries program.Whitney eventually partnered with family friend and sewing expert Mary Wareing to create and donate more cloth masks. Once the PPE supplyAngelica Whitneychain was restored, she turned to snack and beverage donation. To Concord Hospital alone, Whitney delivered 5,400 individually packaged snacks and 1,300 K-Cup cartridges so staffwould be nourished by food and recharged with coff ee or tea during long shifts. Armed with the experience of launching an eff ort to aid her community, Whitney has learned a lot about what it takes to move an initiative from an idea to something that truly impacts the wellbeing of others. ered 1,300 K-CuIt doesnt matter how young you aree li v p c aor how experienced you are, Whitneyy d r tsays, you can still make a diff erence inn e r i dyour community, even in a small way. Ini t g eh sa time that was really hard for everyone,W .I wanted to do whatever I couldeven though I was just a high school studentto make life safer and better for everyone.Donating 9,000 pieces of Protective Gear'