b'8 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTShea SeeleyHome-madeTRADITIONS A little bit can go a long way. ThatsI dont know if she knew exactly whatSheas $50 donation is a perfect what nine-year-old Shea Seeleyshe would do with the money whenexample of the varying levels of learned this summer.she started, says Dana Seeley, Sheassupport the Concord Hospital Trust mother. But when they got back afteris able to offer patients. The Trusts Inspired by her mothers work as athe day at the stand, she looked at meLend Me a Hand Fund, in particular, radiation therapist at Concord Hospital,and said she wanted to give the moneydistributes small giftsa $25 gas and armed with a cookbook giftedto Moms work. card, for exampleto make even to Shea by her aunt, the third-graderthe slightest difference in the life of decided to launch a lemonade stand inDana Seeley has been a radiationsomeone going through treatment. her hometown of Goffstown in July. therapist for 26 years, and has served inShea, a student at Maple Ave. that capacity at Concord Hospital sinceElementary School, is not the first in her With the help of her father, Keith, andthe Jim and Marianne Cook Radiation Steve Forrester, the owner of a local hotOncology Department opened infamily to raise money for a good cause. dog stand, Shea set up shop at the site2003. In her role, she is often at herHer older brother, Lee, now 21 and in ofNYC Dirty Water Dogs on Mast Roadpatients side, operating the machinesthe military, helped to collect about in Goffstown. There, she sold traditionalthat deliver radiation to treat cancer.$600 to send to Haiti after thecountry lemonade to passersby, who also had aThe nature of radiation therapy, andwas devastated by an earthquake choice of raspberry or orange-flavoredthe need for patients to get multiplein 2010.versions crafted from recipes in therounds of treatment (sometimes asWhile her parents are quite proud of cookbook. While she was testing out hermany as 44), means that Dana oftenher fundraising initiative, Sheas mother entrepreneurial skills, Shea had a biggerforms bonds with those under her care.shares that her daughter has always goal in mind. Prior to the big day on Julyhad a good heart and likes to make 30, she announced to her parents thatShea definitely knows I care about mypeople feel good. The inquisitive kid is she would donate all proceeds from thepatients, Dana says. At times, whenknown for her thoughtfulness, which drink sales to a good cause. As it turnedshe asks why I have to go to work, I tellincludes leaving kind notes in her out, it was not a difficult choice onceher there are people who need me. Itsmothers lunchbox.Shea thought about where to donatethe patients who make coming here the $50 she raised. every day worthwhile. I see that theyIm very proud of Shea and thankful are people who have lives outsideto have her as my daughter, Dana of their treatment, which makes mesays. She told me she donated to my more empathetic. I try to get her todepartment because I help patients understand that, too. every day and she wanted to help them, too. It obviously cant cover the entire cost of somebodys treatment or whatever they might need, but any little bit we can give demonstrates to our patients that the Hospital is willing to give them some assistance to make things a little easier.'