b'12CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTGrateful Donor John LeggettWith Gratitude for all the Caring and Kindness. DaveWhitePhoto.comJohn and Joan Leggett of Concord (shownIt was stressful physically, as well aseducation programs or employee health and above) have had many reasons to say thankmentally, he said. While he was pantingwellness programs to build resiliency.you to Concord Hospital physicians and staff on the treadmill, Stress Technician AllisonBut mainly, the Endowment says thank you.members who have cared for them overMcCague gently touched Johns back.the years. What a diff erence, he said.Whenever we said thanks to someone at Now, thanks to their generosity, they will the Hospital, you could just tell from theirbe able to express their gratitude far intoWhile hospitalized after a diff erent seriousreaction it made a diff erence to them to hear the future. surgery, John said he was comforted whenthat, John said.a nurse sat with him at night. And recently,He hopes special recognition for individual The Leggetts have established the Leggettwhen Joan was injured in a fall, staffin theemployees will be awarded by surprise, Family Endowment to recognize and supportEmergency Department off ered prompt caresaying that receiving thanks unexpectedly is Concord Hospital staffwho care forandwith a kind touch. even more valuable.care aboutpatients and their families. You see that they care because they act that I want to say thank you and remind theway, he said. I want to support everyoneJohn and Joan also have funded granite staffthat what you are doing is importantwho is off ering that personal touch. pavers in the Hospitals Tribute Courtyard and that doing it in a kind, thoughtfuland rooftop healing garden to honor and and caring fashion makes it even moreThe Leggetts and Concord Hospital Trust willrecognize staff . The inscription also is the important, John said. discuss specifi cs for annual awards from thetheme for their Endowment. It says: With endowment, which might include specialGratitude for all the Caring and Kindness. John and Joan recall many examples of therecognition for Hospital providers and staff , extra kindness they have felt at Concord Hospital. For instance, John remembers fearing he would fail a stress test and not be able to have the lung cancer surgery that saved his life in 2019.To create your own family endowment, visit giveto.concordhospital.org or call (603) 230-6064.'