b'20CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTThompson & AssociatesGary and Carol Sobelson Thompson & AssociatesConcord Hospital Trust is off ering a gift to those who make gifts to the Hospital.For nearly four decades, Dr. Gary Sobelson and his wife, Carol, have seen up close howThe Trust has contracted with Thompson Concord Hospital cares for the community. He has served on the medical stafffor 37 years& Associates, a respected national and on the Hospital Board of Trustees for 12. She has been on the staffor worked closelyestate planning service, to help Hospital with the Hospital in her 36-year-career as a psychiatric social worker. supporters explore their estate planning They have been generous supporters of the Hospital and other charities through the years.goal, even if those goals do not include Now, thanks to a program off ered by Concord Hospital Trust, they had the opportunity tonaming the Hospital Trust as a benefi ciary consider how they might continue their generosity when they pass onbased on theirin their will.values, not solely fi nancial considerations. This service promotes having a willAs Hospital supporters, the Sobelsons took advantage of the Trusts off er to meet withstill 50 percent of adults do notwhile Thompson & Associates, a national values-based estate planning service, to discusshelping people refl ect on what they need, their needs and goals in planning their estatewith no commitment to any specifi cwhat they want to do for heirs, and if there organization, including the Hospital. is anything else they want to accomplish at lifes end, said Pamela Puleo, Concord Its important to emphasize that working with Thompson & Associates did not commit usHospitals Chief Advancement Officer.to donating or have any planned giving to Concord Hospital, said Carol. They made that very, very clear on day one. Thompson & Associates helps people develop estate plans that refl ect their Working with Estate Planner Vince McElligott in fi ve monthly meetings last year, thevalues, priorities, goals and passions, Sobelsons completed and compared separate questionnaires about their values andtaking into account their intentions, tax passions, had conversations with their adult children about their values and exploredimplications and how to protect their whether or how they might include charities in their wills. assets, without pressure to give to any Its a very non-judgmental approach to helping a couple defi ne their priorities,specifi c cause. Carol said. After developing a plan, a donor works The Sobelsons said including their values in the estate planning discussion was a majorwith fi nancial advisers or attorneys to diff erence from being approached by others about potential estate giving. implement it.It always was more of a gimmick, Gary said. If you sign up for this, you can have aPuleo said the program helps support certain income for life, you get tax deductions, and we (the organization) also benefi t. ItConcord Hospitals estate planning was more driven by the organizations needs, not necessarily thinking through what ourphilosophy: A rising tide fl oats all boats. needs might be. Generally, people who bequeath gifts The Sobelsons made no commitments to legacy giving, but came away from thein their estates support three to fi ve Thompson & Associates sessions with much information and insight into how they mightcharities, she said. By off ering this go about it, as well as gratitude for the opportunity. service, maybe some will support the Hospital, maybe not, but maybe some Concord Hospital Trust may or may not benefi t, but they have provided a service to uswill support other organizations in which we appreciate, said Gary, a family physician at Concord Hospital Medical Groupsthe community.Concord Family Medicine. It further ties in my sense of the good deeds the organizationTo inquire about a consultation with can dothey actually are helping me with a part of my life that is hard and confusing forThompson & Associates, email Tia most people to do. Theriaque at ttheriaque@crhc.org or call Tia at (603) 227-7000, ext 5209.'