b'16CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTCardiovascular InstituteAll of Concord Hospitals medical specialtiesPreviously, patients typically waited six-to- interventional cardiologists work together, for patients with cardiovascular diseaseeight weeks or longer to see a specialist. improving care and reducing the number of now are aligned within a new entity Formerly spread throughout Concordreferrals and appointments for patients.Concord Hospital Cardiovascular Institute.Hospitals health system, cardiovascularLots of hospitals call themselves an Institute, The change is more than a title. It is aservices now are led by a dyad (two person)but everybody still competes with each other fundamental reorganization more normallyleadership team of Cardiovascular Service Lineinside the four walls, Dr. Gibb said. We are seen in much larger medical centers, with aAdministrator Kris Green, RN, and Associateintentionally trying to eliminate that as much leadership structure designed to improve careChief Clinical Officer for Cardiovascular Serviceas possible.and increase patients access to that careLine and cardiologist Dr. Michael Newton.Concord Hospitals cardiovascular program most often under one roof. The structure provides for administrative andalso stands out by offering multiple Since early 2020, Concord Hospital hired moreclinical cooperation to guide the Institute. subspecialties such as electrophysiologyto Cardiovascular Institute specialists to careUnder a classic organization model, eachassess and care for an abnormal heartbeat, for an increasing number of patients, begancardiovascular specialty operates on its own,procedures to correct structural heart problems renovations or construction to new state- often competing with each other. That can beand extensive vascular and cardiac surgery.of-the-art treatment space and expandedconfusing and prompt unnecessary testingIn addition, the Institute will promote innovative clinical programs. The changesand appointments for patients, especiallyprograms to reach patients who normally created a team approach that helps eliminatebecause a typical cardiovascular patient haswouldnt seek treatment until there is an competition between various cardiovascularoverlapping conditions that need attentionemergency and to boost more seamless specialistsall to benefit patients.from multiple specialists. continuity of care with primary care providers A key factor was decreasing wait times afterWhen a patient goes through the traditionalto help cardiovascular patients stay healthy.referrals for specialty care and making itsystem, its like a ping pong ball, Dr. GibbThis type of model in a community hospital easier for patients to navigate the system, fromsaid. They get referred from one specialistof our size is not typical, Dr. Gibb said of the their first symptoms and referrals to diagnosis,to the other. Care coordination obstacles andCardiovascular Institute. This is done more testing, treatment, discharge and recovery.delays in the traditional model are significant.often in academic centers and larger, more Weve reduced our wait times for servicesWith specialists at the same locationurban hospitals.by approximately 75 percent compared to a(Concord Hospital Memorial Medical OfficeAccommodations for expanded services year ago, said Dr. Matthew Gibb, ConcordBuilding West), patients are better servedinclude rebuilding radiology imaging suites, Hospitals Chief Clinical Officer (shown below).and care teams work togetherconsultingbuilding two cardiac surgery Operating Weve improved access for new consultationscollaboratively about patients; improvingRoom suites and building procedure rooms. often to same day, but within a week,scheduling; and sharing, not competing,Concord Hospital Trust is dedicating a special almost always. for resources. An example is the Institutesfundraising campaign to support the venture. Integrated Vascular Center, where vascular| See story on page 17. |surgeons, interventional radiologists and Concord Hospital Cardiovascular Institute includes cardiology practices in Concord and Laconia, cardiac imaging, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, a cardiac catheterization suite, electrophysiology, structural heart programs,a heart device program, cardiovascular testing,Matthew Gibb, MDcardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, interventional cardiology and interventional radiology.CHIEF CLINICAL OFFICERMost of the services are in Concord HospitalsConcord Hospitalnew Memorial Medical Office Building, West.'