b'6CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTLynne Doyle In 2018, Lynne Doyle of Canterbury faced twoShe received a call from Concord HospitalShe said emotional support from social devastating medical diagnoses at the sameCardiology that very afternoon, had aworkers Adrianna Crooker Catlin and Judith timeaggressive breast cancer and a seriousconsultation the next day and furtherKowalik was important during difficult times.heart ailment discovered during cancertesting the day after that, all in preparationThey let you unload and then they reassure screening tests. for post-cancer cardiac treatment. Afteryou that its okay, Lynne said. There is so The heart problem forced specialists ather mastectomy, Lynne underwentmuch to it that if you dont have that support, Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancerchemotherapy and physical therapy to rebuildyou could go into a really dark place.Care to alter Lynnes treatment. Instead ofmuscle strength lost through the months receiving powerful cancer medications thatof punishing treatment. Through it all, sheShe also took advantage of HOPE Resource could have further damaged her heart, shefound friendly faces and counted on thesupport groups, the comprehensive had a mastectomy and chemotherapy.HOPE Resource Center for care beyond herAnticancer Lifestyle educational series, The cardiac pacemaker/defibrillator implantmedical treatment.complementary therapies such as Reiki and she needed would wait until after herPayson Centers medical care is great, but thearoma therapy, and the annual Breast Cancer cancer care. HOPE Resource Centerthat is the piece thatSurvivors Day recognition program.Through her complicated cancer journey,makes it whole, Lynne said. The first time I went, I was a survivor of a Lynne said she was well cared for medicallyShe found comfort from Nancy Lockhart, whocouple of months, she said. There were and emotionally by Paysons cancer expertsfits mastectomy patients with prosthetics;women there who were survivors of ten and specialists at the HOPE Resource Center,from oncology nutrition specialist Meganyears, twenty years. Thats going to be me who provide counseling, dietary guidanceRyder, her go-to person, whose nutritionalsome day.and overall support for patients andadvice remains important long afterLynne said its important to note that HOPE their families.treatment; and from Catherine Grappone,Resource services are provided at no cost to The extra caring began after the cardiacwho manages Paysons HeartGifts Boutique,patientssupported in large part by the testing ruled out the initial treatment planwhich provides items such as hats, scarvesannual Rock N Race 5K in Concord. | See and Payson oncologist Dr. Frederick Briccettiand wigs for patients who lose their hair. story on page 24. |She said participating is of New HampshireOncology-Hematology,You go through terrible feelings and youreimportant to ensure HOPE services continue.called her from vacation to reassure her. so changed, not only physically, but mentally, He said, Listen my friend, dont you worry,but you have these people there supporting we are going to come up with another planyou, Lynne said. They know what you are and I am going to get you into cardiology,going through.said Lynne, who is 56. He made me feel so comfortable about getting this care. Patients and specialists at Payson and HOPE become partners, as if dancing a Cha-Cha.Cancer pushes you back and you take a step forward, it pushes you again and you step forward again. You do whatever it takes to dance and to laugh, you keep fighting . and dancing. The Payson Center encourages you to put on those dancing shoes, or sneakers! Walk, run or ride, you move forward.We persevere.Patient Lynne Doyle of Canterbury, speaking on her experience at HOPE Resource Center'