b'SPRING 202113Expressing GratitudeMany grateful patients and their family members donate to Concord Hospital. For some, expressing gratitude with a gift to recognize medical providers who helped heal them is part of their healing process. For others, its a way to give back to something larger than themselves. Other patients use their generosity simply to say thanks.Concord Hospital Trusts Grateful Heart Program off ers grateful patients and family members a variety of ways to say thank you, including making a gift in any amount to acknowledge a caregiver or group for exceptional medical services and personal caring. People may designate gifts to support a program or service of their choice. Individual Grateful Heart Program recipients receive a custom-crafted lapel pin to wear proudly; group recipients receive a Grateful Heart certifi cate to showcase in their department.Grateful patients also can volunteer to support Concord Hospital or its fundraisingevents, participate in events, boost the Hospital and its staffon social media or sendheartfelt messages directly to providers and staff .Visit concordhospital.org/patients-visitors/give-thanks to learn more aboutdonating to Concord Hospital Trust or these other options available to express gratitude:TELL the Hospital Your StoryGrateful patients or family members can SENDsend a written message through the website to Concord Hospital to share their a Grateful Heart Gram positive experiences with providers and Patients or family members can choosestaff . The Hospital encourages patients toPOST from a variety of card designs andname names so the appropriate Hospitalto Facebook Friendsproviders and staffwill know that theirmessages and add a personal note towork is appreciated. Posting a recommendation for Concord send a Grateful Heart Gram through theHospital on Facebook is a great way to Hospital website to physicians, advancedshare how the Hospital providers and providers, nurses or other staffmembers.staffhelp patients. Many patients also Share Concord Hospital Facebook posts and add personal messages of gratitude for specifi c individuals or groups.For more information about supporting Concord Hospital, visit ch-trust.org or call (603) 227-7162.'