b'SPRING 202119Bank of New HampshireHelping Communities Grow.As the oldest bank in New Hampshire, BankBank of New Hampshire has directed muchAlso, Bank of New Hampshire is excited that its of New Hampshire believes its important forof its support to programs and services forsupport will help maintain access to healthcare essential businesses to support each other tofamilies, by giving regularly to help supportin the Lakes Region, where it is headquartered, help their communities continue to growcare for low-income families and Concordas Concord Hospital purchases LRGHealthcare, and stay vibrant. Hospital Family Health Center. which operates Lakes Region General Hospital The bank appreciates that Concord HospitalNobody ever wants to be in the positionand Franklin Regional Hospital.supports the communities, businesses andwhere anyone in your family is sick, so weWe have stood behind LRGHealthcare and residents it serves by providing excellenthope that the funds we are able to contributetried to assist as they have restructured over healthcare to all. Thats why the bank hasare going to make a diff erence to help off setthe years and we couldnt be more happy to been a long-time supporter of the Hospital,costs for families or just make their time athear that Concord Hospital is stepping up in including being a member since 2015 ofthe Hospital less stressful, Baert said.these dire times, Baert said.Concord Hospital Trusts Benefactors Circle,The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how comprised of businesses who make gifts ofcommunities, patients, the Hospital and the $10,000 or more for three consecutive years.bank have had to persevere to support By being an essential industry, especiallyeach other.during these times, we all have to recognizeAs a bank, we are not on the front lines our role and make sure we are doing our partfito give back, said Tiff any Baert, the banks ghting the pandemic to the degree that the Vice President and Marketing Officer. Part ofHospital is, but to be able to persevere as far that for us is giving back to Concord Hospital. as continually giving back to organizations such as Concord Hospital is something that is Baert said the Hospitals broad reach aff ectstop of mind to us, she said.everyone who lives and works in the area and is proud to be able to support its programs and services.We recognize that when we support Concord Hospital, our funds will be put to good use, she said. We recognize that when we support Concord Hospital, our funds will be put to good use. Tiff any Baert, Vice President of Marketing / Bank of New Hampshire'