b'SPRING 202129Bronze Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DeCarli Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Palmieri$2,500$4,999 Gail and Jason Dexter Mr. and Mrs. Timothy ParisMr. Lance Bennett Mr. and Mrs. William N. Dooley Drs. Jay and Manisha PatelDr. Richard and Susan Benson Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Dow Mr. and Mrs. David PelletierDr. and Mrs. Richard A. Boss, Jr. Mr. Frederic Dube and Ms. Catherine Gagne Mr. and Mrs. Marcus L. PetersonMr. and Mrs. Steven Caine Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dunn Dr. and Mrs. David C. PicardDr. and Mrs. Davis W. Clark Mr. Stephen M. Duprey Mr. Frederic R. PilchMs. Emily J. Drake Mostafa H. El-Sherif, DMD, MScD, PhD, PC Mr. and Mrs. Stephen PitmanMr. Philip B. Emma and Ms. Luanne Morgan-Emma Dr. and Mrs. Warren E. Emley Mr. Dennis J. PopeBeverly J. Entwisle, MD Ms. Aubrey Engle Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. ProvostMr. and Mrs. Jonathan Evans Dr. Scott J. Fabozzi and Ms. Autumn Van Sice Mr. Robert PrunierDrs. Douglas and Rebecca Ewing Ms. Valorie Faretra Mr. David T. ReidMr. and Mrs. Charles J. Fanaras Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Farrelly Dr. and Ms. Kurt RhynhartDr. and Mrs. J. Stewart Fulton Dr. and Mrs. Geoff rey M. Fitzgerald Mr. Ransom RichardsonMr. Stephen R. Gilman Dr. Christopher Fore and Ms. Jennifer Minette-Fore Dr. and Mrs. John M. RicheyDr. and Mrs. David F. Green Dianne and Frank Foti Mrs. Claire E. RobinsonMr. and Mrs.* Jonathan M. Heard Ms. Beth Fowler Stephen T. Rust, MDDr. Gary S. Jones and Ms. Mary-Sue Tuuri Mr. and Mrs. William Frament Mr. Richard D. SaundersMrs. Lucy Karl Dr. Nicola A. Francalancia and Dr. Janice F. Lalikos Drs. Peter and Susan SaviteerDr. Nicholas Larochelle and Dr. Zea Larochelle Ivor W. and Barbara Freeman Mr. Robert Sawyer and Ms. Susan QuadrozziMr. and Mrs.* Richard C. McManis Mr. Richard M. Frye Mr. and Mrs. Robert SegalMr. Steven R. McManis Mr. Glenn Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. SkoogDr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mitchell Dr. Dominic F. Geff ken and Dr. Irene Rainville Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. SobelsonMr. and Mrs. William B. Morrison Mrs. Nancy Gesen Matthew Spielman, MDDrs. Peter and Kathy Noordsij Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. StarryDr. and Mrs. Nick P. Perencevich Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Grady Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth SternMr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pitman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Gullage, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William D. StoneMr. Benjamin Pratt Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hadley Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. SwensonMs. Beverly Ringel Dr. Christian Hallowell and Ms. Cindall J. Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Kurt M. SwensonMichael and Barbara Ruedig Mr. and Mrs. William Haskett Dr. Robert D. Thomson and Ms. Lucy C. HodderMs. Muriel D. Schadee Dr. and Mrs. Viking A. Hedberg Mr. and Mrs. James A. ThornePaul M. Snyder, MD Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hicks Mr. Richard J. TrippDr. and Mrs. David A. Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Huntington Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. TsourosDr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Thesing Mr. Jack R. Hutton, ACSW Mr. David R. TuckerThe Honorable William Henry Townley-Tilson Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Imgrund Dr. and Mrs. Alexandru M. VaidaScott and Claudia Walker Ms. Mary Johnson Mrs. Velma J. Van DykeMrs. Joyce M. Watts Ms. Nancy A. Josselyn, RN Dr. and Mrs. Joseph G. VenusDr. James K. Wolcott and Mrs. Jocelyn A. Jerry-Wolcott Ms. Kathleen Kayros Drs. R. K. Warburton and Kathryn S. LemmonDr. and Mrs. Ronald Yap Mr. Edwin Kibbe Mr. William R. WeilerDr. and Mrs. Oglesby H. Young Mr. David Kirkpatrick and Dr. Christina L. Kirkpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Donald WelfordDr. Valerie J. Ziesmer and The Mulet Family Mr. and Mrs. George C. Kokulis Mr. and Mrs. George B. WestMr. Jonathan Kulis Dr. and Mrs. Peter H. WilsonDr. Jennifer A. Lacy and Dr. James Binkoski William A. Wood, MDMr. Michael LaFontaine and Dr. Mildred LaFontaine Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Yap, MD$1,000$2,499 Bryce D. Lambert, MD Drs. Cathy Yi and Gerard A. DillonDr. and Mrs. D Thomas Akey Mr. and Mrs. Erick Leadbeater Mr. Jack YvarsMrs. Carol F. Alosa Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. LemayMr. Peter S. Bartlett and Ms. Christine D. Dolat-Barlett Attorney and Mrs. Michael LenehanMr. and Mrs. Taylor D. Benjamin Drs. Lyn and Klaus LindpaintnerDr. Horace, Gene and Robert Blood Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. LoveMs. Susan Johnson Hofmann Blossom Dr. and Mrs. John P. ManningPiper-Anne and Maxwell Boilard Brian K. Marks, MDMs. Shannon M. Boudreau Mr. Derek Martel and Dr. Amy L. MartelDrs. Philip and Suzanne Boulter Regina M. Martin, PharmD, BCPSMr. Paul E. Bourgault Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. McCarthyMr. Patrick Boyle Mrs. Beverly B. McGuireDr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Briccetti Mr. and Mrs. Skip McKeanMr. and Mrs. Robert S. Blood Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McLeodMr. and Mrs. Jay Burgess Dr. Michael M. McLeod and Dr. Angela Yerdon McLeodDr. Ann Cabot Mrs. Norma M. Milne and Mr. Waler ZanchukDr. Dennis J. Card and Dr. Maureen E. McCanty Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. MitchellThe Carey Family Dr. and Mrs. Anthony MollanoMrs. Marilyn Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gene MooreDr. Mark D. Carney and Ms. Jan L. Greer-Carney Dr. Douglas J. Moran and Mrs. Marcia MoranMr. and Mrs. Jason H. Case Mr. and Mrs. Frederick MorrellMrs. Susan Chase Mr. Deane H. MorrisonDr. and Mrs. Paul R. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. MoskeyMr. and Mrs. Craig Clough, RP Laura, Raymond and Alex MtimbiriSteve and Jane Cohen Dr. and Mrs. David J. NagelDr. and Mrs. David C. Conway Drs. Robert and Carol NiegischMr. and Mrs. Duene Cowan Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. OliverMs. Jessica Croteau Dr. and Mrs. Scott R. Oosterveen*Deceased CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE'