b'4CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTHOPE Resource Center EndowmentConcord Hospital Trust has established aA virtual Rock N Race event and a significantuntouched. The Hospitals policy is to tap a significant new charitable endowment todonation by Payson Center supporters Normportion of an endowments earned interest ensure that crucial programs jeopardized byand Melinda Payson raised sufficient funds inper year, allowing the endowment to grow the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be2020, but the situation raised questionsand provide funds into the future.offered to cancer patients and their families. about the future. The HOPE Endowment will support programs The pandemic caused Concord Hospital andand services provided at no cost to cancer other non-profit organizations to switch gearspatients and their families. They include abruptly in 2020 when their reliable in-personsocial, dietary and financial counseling; fundraising events were canceledputtingpeer support; and funds for out-of-pocket important programs and services at risk. expenses such as groceries and gas.The COVID casualties included the popularWe dont charge for those services, yet they Rock N Race, which raises thousands ofare provided by staff members who need to dollars a year to support programs providedbe paid, Puleo said. Without more stable free of cost to patients at Concord Hospitalfunding, we realized there is a risk of not Payson Center for Cancer Care. having all of the services we have come to This past year proved to us that when we relyenjoy and need and expect.on a single event to raise 60 percent of what itThe Trust anticipates the HOPE Endowment costs to provide all of the services at the HOPEwill need approximately $5 million to Resource Center and we cant conduct thatgenerate enough income to adequately event, all of a sudden you are really worried,support HOPE Resource Center services.said Pamela Puleo, the Hospitals Chief Advancement Officer. The endowment will be built through Because of its charitable mission, Concordindividual donations, large and small, and a Hospital typically pays the cost of HOPEportion of fundraising event proceeds.services not met by fundraising events andEvery single gift will build it, Puleo said. other donations. In response, the Trust established the HOPEAnyone who is interested in helping can But the Hospital was facing huge lossesEndowment to provide stable financialmake a gift to the Payson Center, specify it is because of COVID-19, Puleo said. Would wesupport not tied to potentially fragilefor the HOPE Endowment and thats where be forced to cut the programs and servicesspecific events. it will go.the patients and their families rely onLike other endowments administered by the because we rely on one event to fund aTrust, donated funds (the principal) remain significant amount?The HOPE Resource Center is important because it provides caring beyond medical care that helps a patient and their family get through the cancer experience.Pamela Puleo, Concord Hospital Chief Advancement Officer.'