b'26CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTHelping Hands FundSometimes the helpers need help. ThatsThe fund was established in 2006 to helpConcord Hospital Board, the Concord Hospital where the Concord Hospital Trust EmployeesHospital employees experiencing anTrust Board, senior management and the Helping Hands Fund steps in. unforeseen fi nancial crisis such as a healthmedical staffmade signifi cant donations to When Hospital employees faced added stressemergency or death in the family, orthe fund. Their support and donations from and fi nancial obstacles during the COVID-19expensive, unanticipated home repairs.the community totaled more than $75,411 in pandemic, the fund application process wasThe pandemic caused many suchFiscal Year 2020*.streamlined to provide immediate assistanceemergencies when many employees sawDuring that time, 65 Concord Hospital to employees in need. The fund also receivedreduced hours or were furloughed or hademployees received prompt assistance for a fi nancial boost that will allow it to continue tofamily members aff ected by reducedissues such as making rent or utility payments help employees long after the pandemic ends.hours. Recognizing the need and taking anor buying groceries or gas.important leadership role, members of the To contribute to the Concord Hospital Trust Employees Helping Hand Fund, visit giveto.concordhospital.org/give-now. LETTER FROM STAFF PERSONWhen driving to Employee Assistance Friday, I was so nervous and crying, embarrassed to need and accept help. This blessing of generosity is life-changing for us this year, I cried when I was told, this is from your Concord Hospital community.It truly meant the world to me and reminded me that we are a community, a community with a very important job, to lift each other up so we can keep on going every day despite tough times, to be there for our patients and one another.You have touched our lives in a way I have never experienced, I practice kindness every day.and, its an amazing feeling to be a recipient of such kindness.Sincerely,A very grateful employee Getty Images*October 1, 2019September 30, 2020'