b'14CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTDr. Oge YoungGiving Children a Healthy Beginning for 25 YearsIn 1996, when Concord Hospital wasJust as he envisioned, the Healthy BeginningsThree years into retirement, Dr. Young still developing its new maternity unitTheEndowment has supported programs thatchairs the endowments Advisory Board. Family Placeobstetrician and parent Dr.bring young mothers together to discussHe continues to teach new generations of Oge Young envisioned more than new rooms.the challenges of caring for children. Otherdoctors at The Geisel School of Medicine He had seen too many new parents leaveprograms have off ered father support groups,at Dartmouth College, off ering more than the Hospital with their infant and no ideasessions for children of divorcing parents, freemedical expertise.about the new life they were beginning.childrens books for new parents and musicI suggest to the students that we, as And, he knew the beginning could be tough,for pre-schoolers. physicians, can do more for the health of our especially on young, single mothers. If we want children to grow into happy,communities than just practice medicine, he So, in addition to a fundraising campaign tohealthy, productive adultsits so importantsaid. I use as an example the opportunity I provide new maternity space, he won thethat we start in the beginning. We need towas given to create Healthy Beginnings.Hospitals approval to also raise money for acreate four- and fi ve-year-olds with a deep fund to support new parents and babies.sense of self-worth, he said. The fi rst few years of life last forever.That was the start of Healthy Beginnings,As Dr. Young and other childhood expertsC E L E B R AT I N Gan endowment that supports early childhave learned, spending small amounts development and educates young parents. of money to support parents and babies For years, I would make rounds and worrysaves much more than it costs later in life to96202119about the young parents I was sendingmanage addictions, poor health habits andYEARShome with their beautiful babies, he said.criminal justice.I thought its all well and good that weThose were my thoughts back when we delivered a healthy baby, but it will would bestarted this, he said. They still remain in vain if we dont know how to care for themmy thoughts.when they leave the Hospital.Over the years, the endowment has awardedDr. Young said the endowment helps young more than $1.1 million in grants, includingparents be the good parents they want to be.The Healthy Beginnings nearly $59,000 this year. To mark theWhen I am present at the birth of a baby,Advisory Committee25th anniversary, Concord Hospital Trustthere is no question in my mind that momsOge Young, MD, Chairestablished a special fundraising campaign toand dads want to be good parents, he said. help boost the endowment.| See story onThey are very motivated. They look at thatKimberlee Burgess, Esq.page 15. | baby with that universal look of love. But weDr. Robert Kiefner, MDIn addition to donations from the public,tend to parent like we were parented andLinda Mattlage, ARNPmany contributors have been Dr. Youngsnot all modeling has been good. Parents also often dont have the resources they need toCindall Morrison, CNMphysician colleagues who recognize thebe the parents they want to be.Carl Moskeyimportance of programs that focus on early childhood and parenting. Dr. Young and hisDonna Raycraftwife, Pam, are particularly proud that theirLauren Savagethree sons and their wives, as well as his twoAimee Valeras, PhD, LICSWsisters and their husbands honor him withNancy Van Vranken, MDgifts to the endowment each year. I just dont think we can put our gifts of money in a better place than early childhood. I believe for every dollar we spend in early childhood programs, we save at least $10 or more in adult care.Dr. Oge Young, who established the Healthy Beginnings Endowment.'