b'2022 15A COUPLES WAY TO LEND A HANDWhen Bob and Jane Skoog wonderedHe found a bookstore in the areaThe Skoogs are so passionate about the what to do with boxes of booksthat agreed to display his books withfund because Jane, a former oncology multiplying in their basement, they sawinformation about the fund and give himnurse, saw patients every day who needed an opportunity to make some room forevery penny they bring insometimeshelp. Some were choosing between themselves and some money for theirfrom people who just want to help. paying for groceries or prescriptions.favorite cause: The Lend Me a Hand FundOften, people read the information and at Concord Hospital Payson Center forsay, I dont need a book, but heres \x1f veThe Lend Me a Hand Fund does so Cancer Care. dollars for the fund, Jane said. much good for so many people, she said. We see, \x1f rst-hand, the impact it has The Skoogs worked with Concord HospitalIn two years, with proceeds from sales ofon people.Trust to start the fund in 2004. Over thehis books and others he and Jane have years, it has helped thousands of cancerreceived from family and friends whoBob and Jane are especially proud that patients with out-of-pocket expenses suchlearned of the project, Bobs raised $2,000all of the money received by the fund as gas, groceries and prescriptions. Theyand counting. goes directly to helping patients, not for also enlisted talented friends to start aadministrative costs.community theater groupPerformersThe helpful store employee who handles the display even won an award from herJust as they have tapped their love for Who Careto kickstart the fund. company for her good work.performing and reading to help cancer So, a couple of years ago, when Jane askedpatients, the Skoogs hope others will look Bob what he planned to do with his booksto whatever they are passionate about to that were \x1f lling their basement, he sawdo the same. another opportunity to boost the fund and help more patients.Finding a way to give isnt really hard. You Thats the fund we started, Bob said.\x1f nd something you like to do and, with some I \x1f gured if we are going to be able to raise some money, that would be theimagination, \x1f gure how it can help you give back.best thing to do with it.^Bob SkoogWHO HAS TURNED HIS USED BOOKSINTO DONATIONS FOR PAYSON CENTERS LEND ME A HAND FUND.SCAN TO DONATE 62)227-713OR CALL CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUST (60'