b'2022 51Radiation Oncology AssociatesDr. Dominic F. Ge\x1e ken and Dr. Irene RainvilleAnne Nason and Jim RamaneleMs. Suzanna L. ReedDavid and Linda ReedMr. and Mrs. Lester I. RobinsonMr. and Mrs. Dennis W. RochefordMr. and Mrs. Adam J. RuedigMr. and Mrs. C. Brendan RyderMs. Martha E. SeeryMs. Lorraine Shara\x1e aMr. and Mrs. Brian SmithMr. and Ms. Erik R. SmithSt. Pauls SchoolMrs. Sylvia H. StacyMs. Kathleen T. StanleyMr. and Mrs. Kenneth SternDr. and Mrs. David A. StevensonMrs. Jane StieglitzMs. Carol StreezMr. and Mrs. Kurt M. SwensonMr. and Mrs. Leo J. Sylvain When you participate in our annual Pedaling for Ms. Cynthia E. Tansek Carroll Payson cycling fundraiser youre making a di\x1e erence The Honorable William Henry Townley-TilsonSarah and David Tirrell-Wysocki in the lives of community members battling cancer, Mrs. Jean E. Tower all while riding one of our scenic routesranging in Mr. Richard J. Tripp milesor our fun, adventurous mountain bike ride or Mr. Daniel M. Venecek gravel bike ride. Mr. Brett Lund and Dr. Raelyn VitiMr. and Mrs. Robert J. Westcott, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. White This years event is on September 10, 2022, Ms. Karen E. Wilber at Elm Brook State Park in Hopkinton.Ms. Holly D. WilliamsDr. and Mrs. Ronald YapMrs. Pamela L. Young'