b'2022 19Taking care of ourselves + Taking care of each other = Better care for patients. The Holiday Appeal also highlightedAs part of recognition, Hospital seniorFerland said she and the Hospitals wellness e\x1e orts such as the Employeesleaders regularly make Hospital rounds,Employee Assistance Program, which Helping Hands Fund for employees facingvisiting sta\x1eto say Thank You, and askaddresses behavioral health issues, a \x1f nancial crisis, the Concord Hospital Trustwhat more can be done to support them. are working closely to ensure Scholarship Fund that helps employeesAlso, the Hospital and Riverbendemployee wellness.and others in the region and the ForrestCommunity Mental Health have createdThe goal is to help take care of D. McKerley Simulation and EducationConnect for Wellness, a series of peerHospital sta\x1eso they can continue Center that o\x1e ers sta\x1etraining. groups facilitated by Riverbend clinicians,taking care of their patients.For long-term attention to wellness,for employees to come together to hear the Hospital created a Wellness Taskhow others are managing and understand Force to better understand employeesthat they are not alone.wellness needs and how the Hospital can meet them. Two initial areas of focus are employee recognition and mental health, both of which are especially important at times of great stress.Traditional wellness programs are not a good \x1f t in this environment. ^Valerie FerlandCONCORD HOSPITAL EMPLOYEE WELLNESS COORDINATORon how pandemic-related stress prompted the Hospital to revamp its wellness programs.'