b'38 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTCONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Mr. and Mrs. John F. Weeks, Jr. Mrs. Marjory C. WilkinsonMs. Martha J. Wein Ms. Debra L. WilleyMr. Daniel M. Venecek Ms. Carol M. Welch Mr. Burton W. WilliamsMr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Verbanic Mr. Corey Welford Ms. Holly D. WilliamsMs. Martha E. Verville and Mr. John K. Sheehy Mr. Maurice Wells Mr. Howard WilliamsMs. Christine K. Villeneuve Ms. Robin D. Wells and Mr. Stephen Nichols Ms. Katelyn WillsonMrs. Kara Villeneuve Ms. Sandra G. Wescott Ms. Caitlin WilsonMrs. Susan Vincent Mr. and Mrs. George B. West Mr. and Mrs. David WilsonMr. and Mrs. John R. Violette Mr. Richard West Dr. and Mrs. Robert O. WilsonMrs. Anna G. Viscarello Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Westcott, Jr. Ms. Marion Lucile WilsonMr. and Mrs. Michael S. Vlahos Ms. Catherine A. Whalen Mr. Ross WilsonMr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Vlk Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Whalen Mr. and Mrs. Bruce WilsonMs. Linda Voghel Ms. Sandra Whalen Mr. Steven Winer The Womens Giving Circle Ms. Beth Volle Ms. Jackie Whatmough Mr. Barry Wingate recognizes those women that Mrs. Judith Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Je\x1e rey B. Wheeler Mrs. Jocelyn Winn contribute $1,000 or more to Mr. Charles M. Waite Dr. Maynard B. Wheeler and Mrs. Sandra L. Wheeler Ms. Ratchanee T. Winsor collaboratively invest in strategic Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Waldron Mr. Stephen H. Wheeler Mrs. Ellen Wirth and timely projects that bene\x1f t Mr. and Mrs. John Walker Mrs. Cathy L. White Ms. Mary K. Wirth the Hospitals mission.Ms. Karen Walker Ms. Darlene White Mr. and Mrs. Christian WoitkowskiMs. Marirose F. Walker Ms. Donna White Mr. Fred Wolf 2021Mr. and Mrs. Roy Walker Mr. Je\x1e rey J White Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. WolfeMrs. Heather L. F. Walker-White Mrs. JoAnn D. White Mrs. Anne-Marie J. WoodMr. and Mrs. Christopher Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. White Ashley Wood, MD AnonymousMr. John Wallin Mrs. Michelle Whitenack Ms. Bobbie A. Wood Mrs. Margaret H. BrownMr. and Mrs. Jerry N. Walls Mr. and Mrs. John T. Whiting Ms. Carolyn Wood Ms. Susan ChaseMr. and Mrs. Michael Walls Ms. Nicola Whitley Ms. Chelsea Wood Mrs. Lynda CaineDr. Jeanna H. Walsh and Mr. Kenneth Rosso Mr. and Mrs. Craig Whitson Ms. Judith A. Wood Ms. Christine D. Dolat-BartlettMs. Lissa Walsh Mr. Mark W. Whitticom Dr. and Mrs. Michael V. Wood Margaret Douglas FrankDr. and Mrs. Michael B. Walsh Charles D. Wicks, MD Ms. Amanda L. Woods Mrs. Kelly A. FanarasMr. Richard J. Walsh Colin Widhu, DPT Ms. Cheryl Worthington Mrs. Janette GibbMr. and Mrs. William A. Walsh III Mr. and Mrs. David K. WiesnerMr. Arnold L. Wright Mrs. Frances C. GlahnMr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Waterman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Wilbur Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Wright Mrs. Barbara JobinMr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Waters, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Je\x1e rey W. Wiley Ms. Rebecca Wright Ms. Kathleen KayrosMs. Kimberly A. Watson Ms. Mary N. Wilke Mrs. Jill Wyatt Mrs. Priscilla McKerleyMr. and Mrs. Donald R. Watts Ms. Maureen Wilkins Mr. Ronald Wybranowski, Jr. Ms. Norma M. MilneMr. and Mrs. James Watts Mrs. Cynthia J. Wilkinson Mrs. Amanda J. Wyman Mrs. Kristen MooreMs. Deborah Wyman Mrs. Susan M.OConnorMr. and Mrs. Douglas Wyman, Sr. Mrs. Maureen F. OliverMr. Glen Wyman Deanne PelletierWilliam J. Wyman,MD Mrs. Ruth C. PerencevichMs. Kathleen M. Yackanin Ms. Pamela PuleoA gift from the TrustsMr. and Mrs. Richard J. Yacyshyn Mrs. MaryRuedigWomens Giving Circle helpedMrs. Marilyn E. Yarbrough Mrs. Barbara H. Ruedigthe Hospital create a peacefulMs. Stephanie Yarbrough-Morgan Ms. Muriel D. SchadeeMrs. Natalia StrongOasis Room on the ConcordMr. and Mrs. Jose Yatco Ms. Claudia Walkercampus. Another generousMs. Catherine A. Yeager Mrs. Diane P. WilsonMs. Paris Yenscodonor provided a gift to establishMs. Jennifer Yergeau Cathy Yi, MDsimilar rooms at ConcordMs. Jane Yonchak Mrs. Pamela R. YoungHospital - Laconia and ConcordMs. Isobel YonemuraHospital - Franklin.Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. YoungMrs. Pamela L. YoungMrs. Verna H. YoungMr. Jack YvarsMr. Tom ZabkarMr. John ZbehlikMr. and Mrs. Donald W. ZeamanMr. Robert ZinnesMs. Jean ZipkeMr. Robert A. Zock, Jr.Ms. Mandy Zyliak'