b'16 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTEXPRESSING GRATITUDE FOR A FATHERS CARE John Frymoyer was a nationally knownThe family appreciated the high level ofHe and our mom made a huge e\x1e ort to spine surgeon, researcher, healthcarecaring for Dr. Frymoyer and for them.always give back, said daughter Lynn executive, educator and, most importantly,We did not feel like we were a number,Boynton of Rutland, Vt.It made us feel a family man, long before he became abut that he countedwe counted,like we were continuing on with what was patient at Concord Hospital last springsaid daughter Susan Hodge of Fortimportant to them as well as what was and summer. Myers, Florida. important to us.Recognizing the exemplary care andWhen it became clear that their dads time compassion they and their dad experienced,was short, the sisters asked if he could his four daughters and their familiesvisit the Hospitals green roof to feel theYou were expressed their appreciation to Concordsummer sun on his face. The team movedhonest with us, Hospital with a Grateful Heart Award.Dr. Frymoyer to the garden, a gesture that The daughterscomforted loved ones who surroundedyou put a hand directed theirhim there hours before his passing. generous gift toIt made a huge di\x1e erence, Susan said.on our shoulder, It just made his transition more Concord Hospitalpeaceful, more human. you calmed our Urologic Institute, the Hospitals Smoking Cessation ProgramDr. Frymoyers family was reassured andfears and you and creation of the Rooftop Healingimpressed by the human touch that Garden. They expressed their gratitude asaccompanied their dads complex medicalhugged us. a tribute to their dads care, to help preventcare, including the extra e\x1e ort of one smoking-related su\x1e ering for others andICU nurse. You made his to help provide patients and families an outdoor place of respiteI was struck when she told me that it islast day special during hospitalization.important to her to know who she is caring for and what they have done with their life.by honoring him There were so many people involved,She took the time to learn about him and and we wanted to have a way to be ableour family, said daughter Meg Stebbinswith the comfort to honor them and recognize them,of Boston. said daughter Betsey Rhynhart, ConcordAs dean of the University of Vermontof sun, fresh air Hospitals Vice President of Population Health. During our dads stay, weMedical College from 1990-2000,and family.spent a lot of time on the patio outsideDr. Frymoyer championed development the cafeteria. If anyone from the teamof caring, compassionate, innovative^happened to walk by, they never failedphysicians and inter-disciplinary medical teams.He told his daughters thats exactly from the to stop and chat, often to reassure us wewhat he saw at Concord Hospital. WhenGRATEFUL HEART LETTERwere making decisions that respectedthey discussed how to express theirsent to Concord Hospital by the wishes of our dad, something sogratitude, the four daughters werepatient John Frymoyers daughters. important to us.guided by another aspect of their parents livesphilanthropy.'