b'20 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTCONSIDER AN ENDOWMENTEvery three years, Concord HospitalIn 2022, the Trust allocated a total ofAn endowment is a gift or pool of conducts a comprehensive survey, the$1.4 million from available unrestrictedgifts given to help support a not-Capital Region Health Needs Assessment,endowment monies to the followingfor-pro\x1f t organizations speci\x1f c to determine the most pressing healthConcord programs and services: programs or overall operations. needs in the communities it serves.The Concord Hospital Trust The Hospital has implemented scoresMedical Home and NurseEndowment, supporting Concord of programs and services and investedNavigation Program; hundreds of millions of dollars to meetHospital, comprises nearly 60 Behavioral Health Services in theindividual endowments, totaling the needs and serve vulnerable groupsEmergency Department Yellow Pod;approximately $42 million of both identi\x1f ed since the last survey in 2018.Emergency Preparedness;restricted and unrestricted funds Concord Hospital Trust and its generousFamily Health Center;in total. donors play an integral role in supportingFinancial and Prescription AssistanceTo maintain the value of the those programs and services. The TrustCounseling Operations;endowment and help it grow, the allocates substantial funds each yearConcord Ambulatory Surgery Centergifts are invested and the Trust from available unrestricted endowment(CASC), Pediatric Dentistry;distributes funds from earnings, earnings to supplement the Hospitalleaving the initial gift and future investment.Concord Hospital Breast Care Center Genetic Counseling;gifts intact.Funding recommendations are made byPediatric Unit BehavioralAnyone can establish an the Trusts Stewardship Committee, whichHealth Services. endowment to assure that uses identi\x1f ed community health needsConcord Hospital will be able to and services for vulnerable or underservedprovide excellent health care residents as a basis for decision making. and meet identi\x1f ed needs into Capital Region Health Needs Assessmentthe future.2021 survey area which includesFor more information, Concord and surrounding towns.contact Pamela Puleo, Chief Advancement O\x1dcer, at ppuleo@crhc.orgor (603) 230-6064.'