b'2022 47In memory of Donna G. KillionAnonymousMs. Barbara Avery To remember loved ones who Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Bardo have passed through a donation Mr. and Mrs. H. Carter Barger in their memory is a gift that Mrs. Tara Belanger lives on and bene\x1f ts the care Mr. Roland E. BerubeMr. Gordon Blakeney of others.Ms. Mary E. BoucherMrs. Cynthia BrunoMr. James Butter\x1a eldMrs. Mary Jo CampanaMrs. Judith CarriMr. and Mrs. David CawleyMrs. Jane ClayMr. Joseph ConnollyMr. and Mrs. Brian FrancisMrs. Catherine GambinoMr. and Mrs. Joseph GambinoMrs. Andrea GeorgeMs. Natalie HartwellMr. Peter W. HerseyMs. Chelsea Johnson In memory of Nancy Lang In memory of Carlene McManisMrs. Paula Keefe Mr. Mark C. Lang A\x1fnity Investment Group, LLCMs. Keri Killion Mr. Robert ArataMs. Estelle Koenig In memory of Doris Laughlin Mr. and Mrs. Michael BalesMrs. Kathryn R. Lavigne Mrs. Elaine Bumford Ms. Mary E. BoucherMs. Beth Levenson Mrs. Sara DoaneMs. Ann Marie McLaughlin In memory of Frank H. Lavigne Mr. and Mrs. Andrew FerrantiMrs. Patricia McLean Mrs. Kathryn R. Lavigne Mrs. Susan R ForeyMrs. Kathleen McPhee Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. FraserMr. William Moulton In memory of Carl E. Levick, MD Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. HarveyMr. Dennis Nolan Don P. Chan, MD Ms. Mary KahlowNortheast Employment Dr. and Mrs. Je\x1e rey T. Lockhart Mr. David KerinMrs. Arlene OConnor Mr. Steven R. McManis Mr. Richard C. McManisMr. and Mrs. David Pelletier Mr. Steven R. McManisMr. and Mrs. John Picard In memory of Thomas Levins Mr. William McManisMrs. Karen Pimental Ms. Joan H. NutterMrs. Janice Powers Ms. Theresa M. Musumeci Mr. Carl QuesnelMr. and Mrs. Kenneth Preve Mr. John QuesnelMr. and Mrs. Charles Michael Pride In memory of Zenaida S. Ligon Ms. Karen QuesnelMr. Denny Roberge Mrs. Cleofe Prive Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. SchollDr. and Mrs. Louis E. Rosenthall Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. SteigmeyerMrs. Joyce A. Roy In memory of F. Michael Mangano Ms. Jocelyn TetelMs. Deborah Russell Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. David A. ThibaultMr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Savoy Mrs. Patricia ThompsonMr. Robert Schroeder In memory of Sue K. Manning Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. WatermanMr. Colin Shine Mr. and Mrs. Steven ManningMr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Tsouros In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Alfred MihachikMr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Vlk In memory of Jeanne Mazur Mr. and Mrs. David A. MihachikScott and Claudia Walker Mrs. Simone ThurstonMr. John Wallin In memory of Pamela MoserMr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Waters, Jr. In memory of Pamela R. McDonald Mr. Timothy MoserMrs. Joyce M. Watts Ms. Judith A. WoodMs. Paris YenscoDr. and Mrs. Oglesby H. Young In memory of Michael McGourtyMr. and Mrs. John J. McGourtyIn memory of Mary Anne LambertBryce D. Lambert, MDCONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE'