b'22 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTHELPING PEOPLE LIVING WITH CANCERBill Glahn has participated in most ofPaysons nurse navigators, Caitlin RobertsFor Bill and Amy, the event is a fun way to Concord Hospitals 16 annual Pedaling forand Kim Pauliks(inset below) , are thesupport an important cause.Payson fundraisers.As an avid cyclist, hepatients main contacts. They guideBill, who lives in Concord, received used to ride because the outing was funpatients through intense care fromtreatment that included radiation therapy and he knew money was being raised for adiagnosis to surgeries, chemotherapy,for prostate cancer. While he did not have good causehelping people with cancer. radiation therapy, immunotherapy,to turn to Caitlin or Kim for support, But the event has taken on a new meaningmultiple appointments with multiplehe bene\x1f tted from other Payson services for Bill, now a cancer survivor himself. doctors, side e\x1e ects, insurance di\x1dcultiesand expert care, available in his and complex medications. own community.I have a personal connection to the Payson Center that I didnt have before, heBill was able to continue working said. More to the point, I have a personalfull-time as an attorney during care that connection to the people there. included morning radiation sessions for Amy Dawe will be riding in her third45-consecutive week dayson his way Pedaling for Payson fundraiser this yearto the o\x1dce. and is a co-chair of the event. As a radiationIf I had had to drive an hour away for oncology nurse, she rides because shetreatment every day, I couldnt have lived a sees how the event improves care bynormal life, he said. supporting the Payson Centers nurseHe said supporting Pedaling for Payson navigation program, which coordinates allhelps ensure the nurse navigators and aspects of a patients treatment. Nurse Navigators Caitlin Roberts and Kim Pauliks services such as a dietitian, massage Patients see so many di\x1e erent providers,Pedaling for Payson typically attracts abouttherapy and other support beyond medical so it is very helpful for them to have that200 riders and in 2021, raised $160,000 totreatment will continue to provide a safety driver of the bus, that lead person theyhelp support the nurse navigator programnet for cancer patients. can contact, she said. Without the nurseand other Payson initiatives. Amy, an avid mountain biker, rides to navigators, it certainly would be moredo everything she can to help Payson stressful for the patients. The 17th annual event will be on September 10, with the start and \x1f nishpatients. She is proud to help guide the at Elm Brook State Park in Hopkinton.event and to share the trail with former It has grown from only road courses topatients who now ride to support others. include picturesque routes for all levels ofThey know what was done for them and riders, including 57-mile, 30-mile, 16-mile,want to pass it on for the next person, mountain bike, gravel, and youth rides. Allshe said.routes include rest stops with food and beverages. After riding, participants enjoy a barbeque lunch and live entertainment.'